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these pipes are clean!

tips to keep toilets & pipes from clogs

In the past we have had some major issues with plumbing in our units. This educational series par is to help educate our tenants. Most of these plumbing issues can be eliminated by following the Three P’s. Pee, Poo & (toilet) Paper.


What can go into the toilet?


This may sound simple, Pee, Poo & (toilet) Paper are the only things that should be going into drains, sink drains, tub drains and toilets.


Anything else entering the plumbing system will cause problems, such as but not limited to; flush-able wet naps, flush-able baby wipes and dude wipes, condoms, paper towels, toy cars, sippy cup tops, tooth brushes, tea bags, plastic ramekins as in nacho cheese containers.

These are all things we have found in our units in the past that have cause problems, time and money to the tenants, especially flushable wipes.

Wet naps, baby wipes and dude wipes all say flushable, can I flush them down the toilet? The short answer is, no. Flushable wipes are heavier than toilet paper, get snagged on any small protrusion in the pipe, take a long time to breakdown and creates blockages when other things get snagged on the wipes themselves. A Walmart bag is flush-able, it can go down the toilet just like a wipe, but it does not belong in the pipes.

Can I flush my flushable wipes?

pipes wipes.jpg

fatburg videos

Here are two short informational videos, please give them a view.

Please help us keep the pipes clean by following the Three P’s. Armed with this knowledge we hope to eliminate these issues. This knowledge will help in future places, such as, future rentals or even when owning your own home.

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